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Should Your Social Media Strategy Include LinkedIn

Often overlooked for the more popular social media channels, nevertheless, LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. It has over 65 million users, and the average income of those users is in the six figures per household. That means there is a lot of buying power in this one platform. Get Started…

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Now More Than Ever Look to Instagram

In what journalists are calling the “Facebook exodus,” around 26% of users age 18 to 26 have deleted the app from their phones and ceased to use the once-ranking social media platform. And even those who have not deleted it entirely have taken lengthy breaks of “several weeks or more” during 2018, says a recent…

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Should Your Business Jump on the Latest Social Media Bandwagon?

Social media marketing used to be a lot simpler than it is today. Business owners and marketing professionals learned to connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe a select few other networks that worked for their brand, such as Instagram or Pinterest. But these days, new social media networks pop up nearly every month, and…

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