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Merivale Vision Care

Merivale Vision Care increases their organic traffic by 44% in only 3 months

Increase organic traffic by
Increase in PPC traffic by

The Merivale Vision Care Success Story

Merivale Vision Care was struggling to identify their target audience, as well as where they were “hanging out” online. They also had no idea how to reach that audience in the first place. These problems were compounded by the fact that they needed a new website that was technologically sound.


We were able to help Merivale Vision Care reinvent themselves online through a number of solutions. First, we developed an effective marketing strategy that allowed them to accurately identify and target their core audience, and then deliver the right message.



The results enjoyed by Merivale Vision Care were notable. Today, they have:

  • Ranking in the Top 10 search results for their keywords

  • Increase in organic website traffic by 44% in only 3 months

  • Increase in PPC traffic by 126%

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