Why You Need Live Video Streaming for Your Marketing Strategy

By Ed MacDonald | Jul 3, 2018

It was only two years ago that Facebook launched it’s Live function, and it has since become a staple of many marketing campaigns. As one marketing expert said, “It upped the ante on video marketing in a way that excited companies looking for new ways to attract and engage users.” Of course, you may be…

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5 Reasons You Need Social Media Management

By Hannah Pelkey-MacDonald | Jun 26, 2018

Whether you are the owner of a small business with many employees or operate a one-person entity, it is likely that you’ve thought of something along these lines: “I know I need to focus some attention on social media, but…” If that, or something like it sounds at all familiar, then you’ll want to keep…

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4 Trending Issues in SEO

By Ed MacDonald | Jun 21, 2018

Take it from experts like those of Forbes that a business not “taking advantage of using SEO strategies on its website, blogs and social media pages, [is] missing the boat in terms of ranking…in internet searches.” Yet, it goes beyond that because SEO (search engine optimization) is never a static issue but constantly evolving and…

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Digital Marketing Simplified

By Ed MacDonald | Jun 13, 2018

Any modern business owner has to be involved in marketing, and digital marketing is the focus. In fact, it is so important that some companies have departments designed specifically to tackle this key component of modern success. Yet, whether or not there is a dedicated team of digital marketers in the company, owners may not…

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5 Ways to Dominate in Your Industry with Digital Marketing

By Jesse Perreault | Jun 7, 2018

Does the title of this article make you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps the idea of “dominating” seems too strong? It shouldn’t. According to Forbes, “For businesses to compete in today’s digital landscape, companies need more than just an established online presence to attract new customers and retain clients.” That sounds a lot like a polite way…

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Why Successful Companies Hire an Agency for Marketing

By Ed MacDonald | Jun 4, 2018

Your company, large or small, is already up and running. In fact, it is already going along smoothly and efficiently. If that is so, why would you need to hire a marketing agency? There are actually several reasons that this is a wise and financially sound step. Inc. Magazine has this to say about the…

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Digital Marketing Strategies | 2018 Edition

By Jesse Perreault | May 31, 2018

If you are attentive to shifts in marketing, you know that the paradigm for online or digital marketing changes from year to year. Whatever steps you have taken thus far, and whatever results they have yielded, are unlikely to net the same returns in the coming year. As writer Scott Oldford said in an article…

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Why Marketing Agencies are Better and Cheaper Than Hiring In-House

By Ed MacDonald | May 23, 2018

Are you debating on hiring a marketing agency? Choosing between hiring a marketing agency VS an in-house marketing team can be challenging, that’s why the team here at SOAP Media has created an infographic designed to help you decide which is best for you and your company.

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Convinced You Don’t Need a Marketing Agency? 10 Things to Consider

By Jesse Perreault | May 22, 2018

Unless your business is marketing, you probably don’t want to dedicate many hours to the activities associated with it. Yet, a Small Business Trends report from 2017 indicated that most business owners spend around 20 hours each week on marketing. Although that same report noted that the “effort has paid dividends across several metrics…” the…

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