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By Ed MacDonald | August 14, 2017

With the heavy advancements in recent technology, it’s becoming a popular topic to question the limitations of robots and their ability to improve human tasks. That being said, does the efficiency we gain from this distract us from possible impending doom? We’ve all (hopefully) seen movies such as the Matrix and Terminator and it’s safe…

The Unstoppable Growth of Apple | AskMeJP Episode 6

By Ed MacDonald | August 14, 2017

Apple’s growth hasn’t peaked! On this weeks video, I discuss the main points regarding Apple’s recent financial report for Q3 2017. I know many people believe Apple has limited room to grow given their size…but recent efforts to grow the services unit may be exactly what they need. The final thing…with Apple having 261bn cash…

Which Business Types Should Be Utilizing Instagram | AskMeJP Episode 5

By Ed MacDonald | August 14, 2017

This week on askmejp Jesse talks about which business types should be utilizing Instagram. With the Instagram DM functionality still available (but not for long I assume), Instagram is an amazing way to reach out to other influencers and create relationships that are beneficial for all parties without a cost.

Amazon Online Marketplace Monopoly 2020 | AskMeJP Episode 4

By Ed MacDonald | August 14, 2017

This week on #askmejp I answer “why will Amazon rule the online marketplace by 2020?”. A powerful monopoly is forming…the death of the brand as some call it – I personally feel a brand is going to be the only thing keeping your business alive. If Amazon can beat ANY price and maintain quality products…you…


Why Do Digital Marketers Have A Bad Name | AskMeJP Episode 3

By Ed MacDonald | June 23, 2017

In our third episode Jesse discusses Why digital marketers have a bad name, Amazon’s further domination of the world and How brands are losing their value.


How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing | AskMeJP Episode 2

By Ed MacDonald | June 16, 2017

This week I answer the most popular question about this industry, ‘HOW TO GET A JOB IN DIGITAL MARKETING!’

Social Media Monitoring For Your Business | AskMeJP Episode 1

By Ed MacDonald | June 12, 2017

Social media monitoring is critical if you plan to become an industry authority. It is about understanding what social media metrics are more valuable than others and how you can track growth/effectiveness of your social media campaigns.